Save Me Computer Tips: Networking

A quick desktop button to renew your network connection or find out if you have a computer to router communication problem.

Network Connections Renew Icon
Right Click anywhere on the desktop > New > Shortcut
In the "What would you like to create a Shortcut for box" type or copy paste: %windir%\system32\cmd.exe /c ipconfig /renew
Name the shortcut: Network Connection Renew

Network (Network 2) and Private Network always startup and no internet connection.

Control Panel > Device Manager > Network adapters > your network adapter

Device Manager

Right Click > Properties

Network Address

Click Advance Tab > Under Property click Network Address > Change Not Present to Value > type in a value of of 12 random numbers and letters with none of the letters being above E. Example: 02EF23FD2410    Reboot

Interestingly if you find out your Computers Network Address and put that in as the value that does not eliminate the problem. Your Computer Network Address must be different then your Network Adaptor Address.

This problem is caused by other programs making changes and not Microsoft which is why some people have the problem and others do not.  There is speculation that Apple's Bonjour is  the culprit.