Save Me Computer Tips: Check Disk

Error: Check Disk runs each time windows starts up.

Follow the steps bellow. Replace e with the drive that is getting checked at start up.
Windows XP:
1. click on your start menu and open the run dialog.
2. type "cmd" and return (note: don’t enter quotes)

Windows Vista and 7:
1. Click on your start menu in the search menu type "cmd" (don't enter quotes)
2. In search results right click CMD and choose Run as Administrator. All windows follow the rest in the Command Prompt box.

All windows user can also find the CMD button  Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt

Command Ptompt Box

3. In the Command Prompt box type "fsutil dirty query e:"
4. If the return message indicates that the volume is dirty go to step 5
5. Next type "chkdsk e: /f /x"
6. After that finshes repeat step 3.
7. If it is no longer dirty then reboot and you should notice no more ckdisk.